Dress for a Party Every Day

January 15, 2019

Stumbled across a video from Steve Edge, the UK branding and design guru of Steve Edge Design Ltd., that so eloquently summed up something that Darin and I talk about all of the time.  Basically - don't wait, wear your jewelry!


Jewelry shouldn't sit in your jewelry box, be saved for special occasions or simply stored away to someday be passed down down. Put it on!  Dress it up with a ballgown or dress it down by adding a chic edge to jeans and a t-shirt - just wear it and have fun - get out there and show the world you know where the party is!


If you have family jewels or older pieces of your own that you're not wearing because they're out of date, go ahead and give it a go.  Wear it for a day, or for a week, and if you're still not certain that you like it, bring it in - we can re-imagine it into a new piece that will be perfect for you. If something is the wrong size or it's broken, bring it in.  Just like your tailor, we can adjust or repair any jewel that you have.



Key Takeaway:  Wearing your jewels is like dressing for a party every day, and that's how we want everyone to live!!!!

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