Choosing the Perfect Necklace

October 29, 2018


Who hasn't purchased the perfect necklace only to get home and find that it is too long, too short or doesn't work with any of your clothes?  Trying to figure out the right length for you can be tricky with a quick guide or the most common necklace lengths sold today.  Also, pay special attention when you are shopping and look for necklaces with 2 - 4 inch extenders; these will give you the most flexibility in your wardrobe.


Chokers or Collar Necklaces: At 12-16 inches these necklaces wrap very closely around the neck. This size usually sits above the collar bone.


Princess: At 17-18 inches the Princess is the most common necklace length in jewelry. These necklaces usually graze the collarbone and are often pendant necklaces. 19-20 inch necklaces will usually sit just below the collarbone but still above the neckline.


Matinee: At 20-24 inches the Matinee necklace will lay at or just below the center of the bust.


Opera: At 28-34 inches the Opera necklace will hang on or below the bust. The necklaces can often be wrapped into double strand styles or knotted.


Ropes & Lariats: At 35 inches and over, Ropes and Lariats are very long and can be doubled or tripled to give a layered effect, otherwise, they hang below the navel.


Choosing the Best Necklace for Your Outfit

Opera or Rope length necklaces are great for turtlenecks and boat necks.  Crew necks also look great with longer necklaces, but shorter length statement necklaces can make great accents too.  Scoop necks and v-necks work best with princess or matinee length necklaces, and button-ups look amazing with layers of choker, princess or matinee necklaces.  But for that special evening or day out when your in that stunning, strapless dress pair the look with a dynamite choker or even go daring with a really long rope necklace or lariat worn draped down your back.


Choosing the Best Necklace for Your Face Shape

The right necklace can accentuate and enhance your best facial features because necklaces frame your face. Ovals, you all are lucky, every type of necklace works for you.  Heart-shaped or angular faces work really well with choker style necklaces because they to soften your angles.  Round faces should avoid choker style necklaces and keep plenty of matinee length or longer necklaces in your jewelry box to help elongate your jaw line.  For those of you with longer, more rectangular shaped faces stick to the choker or princess lengths, as they will help shorten the length of your jaw line.


At the end of the day no matter what you choose, the perfect necklace is simply the one you love most and makes you feel beautiful...



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