Welcome to Nine-Eighteen your private, concierge jeweler.  Located in the heart of the city, our guests enjoy the luxury of privacy and one-on-one service as we design the perfect one-of-a-kind piece that is uniquely yours. The experience is social collaborative and free from the crowds and distractions found in the typical retail store.

Nine-Eighteen was created by the dynamic brother and sister duo, Darin Kunz and Kim Burgan, as a legacy to their parents and all that they taught them about family and business.  Today they continue their parents’ traditions and values by creating multi-generational relationships with their clients built on trust, service and beautiful heirloom jewels.  Together these bespoke pieces tell the stories of their clients’ lives and will be shared as part of their family histories for many generations.

Darin and Kim’s beginnings in fine jewelry were certainly humble.  As early as junior high, they were working in their parents’ retail stores cleaning jewelry, dusting, vacuuming, filing, typing, wrapping gifts, and serving drinks.  None of these were glamorous jobs, but each helped create the core values that still drive their business today – "focus on the details, treat the customer like a guest in your home, and take pride in the products you create."


(214) 252-1918

2301 Cedar Springs Road, Suite 310
Dallas 75201

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