Commissioning a bespoke piece is a highly personal experience, resulting in the creation of an heirloom to be passed down to future generations.  Whether you are looking for that truly one-of-a-kind engagement ring or special gift or wanting to reinvent a dated family piece, we are thrilled to help with our bespoke services.

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A moment when time stands still and nothing else matters, a proposal marks the start of your next exciting journey as a couple. Make that moment truly unforgettable with a bespoke handcrafted design that celebrates your past, present and future.   We know that no two love stories are the same and are honored to offer a bespoke engagement and wedding ring service that reflects exactly that.  Whether you’ve been searching for a ring to stand out from the crowd to no avail or have always had a specific idea of what you’d like your partner’s ring to look like, we can support your creativity with a ring as unique as your love.

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Jewelry handed down from previous generations is precious but sometimes these pieces need a new lease on life.  There are also times when you no longer wish to wear a piece of your own jewelry in its current form. A simple alteration or re-design around the original stones or metal will retain the sentimental value while creating a piece that suits your style. We understand it can be hard to put such a precious gift into someone else’s hands, but rest assured, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to breathe new life into any piece of jewelry.



Design, quality and impeccable craftsmanship are in our DNA.  Our fine jewelry master artisans ensure every detail is nothing less than perfect – every bespoke piece is treated with the care and respect it deserves.  From the selection of gemstones and precious metals to the hand-finished details, we are here to help you design something that is uniquely yours. 

Generally taking between 4 and 8 weeks, the process of creating your bespoke jewel couldn’t be easier:

  1. As with all great designs it starts with an idea. Whether you are commemorating a special moment in your relationship or an ode to something or someone special in your life, bespoke design offers the chance to merge elements from different inspirations, styles and eras. We start all bespoke commissions with a consultation to get to know your likes, dislikes and personal style.

  2. Following the initial consultation, join us in the salon where the real fun begins. We will put pen to paper to articulate exactly what you’re looking for in the form of sketches and inspiration ideas.  We will also present you with a carefully, curated selection of ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones for the centerpiece of your one-of-a-kind jewel.  

  3. Once you have selected the centerpieces, and we have an idea of the design you’d like, we then begin the process of bringing the piece to life by creating a wax model and/or 3D CAD (computer aided design) to give you an impression of the look and feel of the ring. This is an important step as it offers you the opportunity to share feedback and amendments before our master craftsmen and women begin working on the final piece.

  4. After the wax model and/or 3D CAD is approved, our talented craftsmen and women take more than 30 hours to hand finish each bespoke piece, ensuring each is crafted to meet your specifications.


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